Dye & Durham Planning

Comprehensive planning information enabling homebuyers to make informed decisions.

Dye & Durham Premium Plus Planning

A discounted combined product of the Dye & Durham Plansearch and Envirosearch reports.

Groundsure Planning

Groundsure Planning has been redesigned with new features, improved layout and design for clearer navigation improving workflow for conveyancers. Its complete planning info enables informed property decisions.

Highways Agency

This report provides details of the proposals of any planned work or development to any major trunk road or motorway proposals managed by the Highways Agency and within 1200 metres of a property in England.

Landmark Highways

The Site Solutions Highways Report provides key information on the adoption status of roads, paths and verges in a consistent, easy to use report at a fixed cost. The report answers the key questions posed by the London Property Support Lawyers Group (LPSLG) and the Association of Property Support Lawyers (APSL).

Landmark Planning

Landmark Planning provides you with unrivalled data accuracy, including large applications as polygons for the majority of the UK. Our unique polygon data provides an accurate representation of a developments potential impact for easy analysis and communication.

Landmark Riskview Residential + Landmark Planning

The Riskview Residential and Landmark Planning report search bundle provides a comprehensive and detailed environmental due diligence. Riskview Residential is an All-In-One report that provides its users with comprehensive and compliant environmental due diligence. Both the contaminated and flood assessments are provided by consultants where a high risk could exist for market leading accuracy and advice.

Local Authority (Official CON29)

The search will make you aware of outstanding financial claims or restrictions such as tree preservation orders, conditions imposed on planning permissions, conservation areas, legal agreements and listed buildings.

Personal Local Authority (CDS)

A Personal Local Authority Search (PLAS) or Regulated Local Authority Search offers an alternative to the standard Official Local Authority Search (OLAS).