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Port of London Authority

Returns details of any issues affecting the property such as.......

  • Confirmation of the mean high water mark if not correct on the plan
  • confirmation of ownership of riverbed and foreshore riverbed and foreshore adjoining the premises
  • any PLA rights over the premises
  • river works in the river adjoining the premises associated with the premises with details of any license under Section 66 of the Port of London Act 1968
  • any outstanding license consideration or any other sums payable
  • if any river works license is assignable or personal
  • if any river works license has been endorsed by the Port of London Authority
  • any notice served under Section 122 or 123 of the Port of London Act 1968 relating to projections over the River Thames, repair of landing places and embankments
  • If the premises is a wharf, whether it a safeguarded wharf under the planning legislation. 
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Residential Searches

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