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    Find out more about the range of searches SafeMove offers that are designed for use in residential property transactions.


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    Find out more about the products SafeMove offers that are designed to show you the location of Yorkshire Water's waste and clean water network

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Groundsure Product Changes from 1st July

Groundsure has announced that from Thursday 1st July they are revolutionising their residential product portfolio with exciting changes to their popular Avista, Homebuyers and Homescreen reports. Price changes across the range and also being introduced from 1st July.

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I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome and the service Louise and Helen provided yesterday. My house purchase was on the brink due to a failure of another agency to provide the information. Your quick turnaround has ensured that we are in position to exchange on the sale and purchase today. Without your understanding and proaction I don't think this would have happened. I wish all customer service teams operated on the same basis as the service is exemplary, so thank you very very much. I'm not sure how you could possibly improve from my perspective.

Gareth Littlewood 5th October 2016


"Queries are always dealt with quickly and efficiently. Staff are friendly. SafeMove is constantly reviewing its products and services in the light of industry changes and expectations. "

Wendy Gray 19th September 2016


"Julie immediately seemed to appreciate how important the time scales were that we were working to. Not only did she offer to guide me through the mapping purchase process but phoned back to ensure I was on track with my deadline. I have being really impressed with Julies attitude from first contact but would go as far in saying that she is an absolute credit to Yorkshire water and give her a double "WOW" for her efforts. Well done Julie!! Thank you."

Liam Plunkett 30th September 2016


"SafeMove's service has always been exceptional. A friendly, approachable bunch that maintain their relationships with individual solicitors well."

Rosie Beverley 19th September 2016


"Your practice of meeting with customers to gain feedback is the main reason we have stayed loyal to you. Excellent service, best customer service and client liason of any organisation we deal with."

Jeremy Atkinson 19th September 2016

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Residential Search

Residential CON29DW

An essential part of the conveyancing process, the Law Society’s CON29DW enquiry provides deal-breaking information regarding water and sewerage services for prospective property owners, protecting buyers and their advisers from unnecessary risk.

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Residential Search

GroundSure GeoRisk+

Historic mining and ground stability affects properties across the country - your clients’ transactions need protecting. GeoRisk is now the standard to provide that protection and assurance.

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Residential Search

Landmark Planning

Landmark Planning provides you with unrivalled data accuracy, including large applications as polygons for the majority of the UK. Our unique polygon data provides an accurate representation of a developments potential impact for easy analysis and communication.

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Residential Search

Terrafirma Ground Report

The Ground Report is the original ground risk report that provides your clients with the professional opinion of Terrafirma’s geologists, scientists and mining engineers on the impact of mining and natural ground stability on property and land transactions. It is the only report available to interpret the risk from coal and all other mining, soil-related subsidence and all other natural ground hazards, coastal hazards and recorded ground movement.

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