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CON29DW Residential

An essential part of the conveyancing process, the Law Society’s CON29DW Residential enquiry provides deal-breaking information regarding water and sewerage services for prospective property owners, protecting buyers and their advisers from unnecessary risk.

The CON29DW Residential is recommended by the Law Society on every conveyancing transaction and at its core, consists of 23 enquires, answered in full, without the need to refer, infer or insure against any missing information.

Both the CON29DW Residential and Commercial search reports are primarily created from water and sewerage company data and analysed by specialists during their compilation. This ensures a high-quality report and aims to avoid unnecessary risk further down the line. Both the rebranded CON29DW Residential and updated CON29DW Commercial search reports offer the high standards of product quality, consumer protection and customer service that conveyancers expect.

Supported by robust and underwritten guarantees, there is always a clear trail of responsibility back to the provider with a final redress available through The Property Ombudsman.

Key features:

The CON29DW Residential report contains the following key information regarding issues that could affect future development, value or enjoyment of a property:

  • Services for which the property is connected, including details of water and drainage services at the property.
  • Confirmation (or not) of connection to the public system.
  • Charging basis for services, including how the property is billed and the location of any water meters that may be present.
  • Asset Maps - a copy of the statutory records showing the known locations of public water mains and sewers surrounding the property.
  • Section 104 - confirmation of any existing sewer adoption agreements at the property.
  • Consultation on build over – relevant to the property, details of consultations to build over any public sewers.
  • Sewer pumping stations within the boundary and within 100 feet – water companies have access rights to these assets. The CON29DW helps homeowners understand what they are responsible for.
  • Low water pressure - This can restrict water usage and impact on the performance of central heating boilers installed at the property.
  • Internal flooding from overloaded public sewers - will identify if there is a potential risk of sewer flooding at the property due to overloaded public sewers.
  • The nearest public sewage treatment works - direction and distance is noted, as the enjoyment of the property may be affected.
  • Water hardness – useful to know when installing water softeners, some domestic appliances, and central-heating boilers at the property.

When to use

On every residential transaction within the Yorkshire Water region.

Video Overview

A short overview video demonstrating the report's layout and key features may be viewed here.

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