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Landmark Riskview Residential + Landmark Coal

Riskview Residential is an All-In-One report that provides its users with comprehensive and compliant environmental due diligence. Both the contaminated and flood assessments are provided by consultants where a high risk could exist for market leading accuracy and advice.

The Landmark Coal report in collaboration with coal mining experts Pinpoint is a CON29M compliant Coal Report, providing detailed responses to all 11 key questions recommended by the Law Society Guidance Note (2018). The report also provides more detained analysis of mine entries and subsidence claims when relevant for efficient cost effective due diligence.


Riskview Residential

  • Contaminated land liability assessment for Part 2A of the EPA backed by £10m PI
  • Market leading flood risk assessment as data is scrutinised by a Consultant if a high risk is identified
  • Assessments also of ground stability including claims data, radon, planning applications including large applications as polygons for large parts of the country, planning constraints, coal mining alert and energy and infrastructure projects within and proposed within proximity to the property

Landmark Coal

  • Assessment complaint with Law Society Guidance Note (2018)
  • Detailed responses to all 11 key questions
  • Unique technical risk model that scientifically assesses the zone of influence as required by the law society CON29M.
  • Detailed analyses of mine entries (Mine Entry Interpretive Assessment) and subsidence claims when identified in report as standard

Other Considerations

  • RiskView provides contaminated land, excess free remediation contribution of £250,000 – the market’s highest
  • RiskView comes with free re-reviews as standard and free re-runs for searches older than 3 months
  • RVR and Landmark Coal provide a clear front-page conclusion of risk and a ‘Professional Opinion’ in non-technical language to copy into the report on title


Contaminated land liability and flood risk assessment that meets the needs of the Law Society’s Contaminated Land and Flood Risk Practice Notes. Assessments provided in concise report with on-line data viewer.

Compliance with Law Society Guidance Note (2018) and detailed responses to all 11 key question.

When to use

A residential transaction when requiring either a contaminated land and flood risk assessment, or if you require comprehensive environmental due diligence if a coalfield consultation area.

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