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Landmark Riskview

Riskview Residential is an All-In-One report that provides its users with comprehensive environmental due diligence. It provides both a contaminated land liability risk assessment under Part 2A of the EPA as well as a flood risk assessment, which will be reviewed by an Argyll Consultant if a high risk is identified. As it is all encompassing, it also provides a full review of ground stability and radon, energy and infrastructure projects and planning information.


Contaminated Land

  • Contaminated land liability assessment for Part 2A of the EPA backed by £10m PI
  • A clear report conclusion of Passed or Further Action and a ‘Professional Opinion’ to copy into the report on title
  • Landmark’s innovative and ever expanding ‘Risk Assessed Land Register’ dataset to provide more passes early on
  • Contaminated land, excess free remediation contribution of £250,000 – the market’s highest
  • Free re-review service
  • Free re-order service to support long, drawn out transaction

Flood Risk (Landmark Flood)

  • Assessment includes all key sources of flooding as well as proximity to and elevation above historic flood events and watercourses
  • Market leading assessment as data is scrutinised by a Consultant if a high risk is identified
  • Sophisticated flood risk model including undefended and defended risk
  • A clear report conclusion of Passed or Further Action and a ‘Professional Opinion’ to copy into the report on title
  • Insurability Statement

Other Considerations

  • Ground Stability: A detailed ground stability, subsidence and mining screen to identify if a risk could exist
  • Radon: An assessment of whether Radon could be an issue in the location
  • Energy & Infrastructure: A detailed review of a wide variety of energy or transport projects contained within our Energy & Infrastructure Report. Search radius up to 4km search radius
  • Planning: A review of core planning application data for the property and in the immediate surrounding area including planning constraints which may affect the new owner’s ability to make certain changes to the property


Contaminated land liability and flood risk assessment that meets the needs of the Law Society’s Contaminated Land and Flood Risk Practice Notes. Assessments provided in concise report with on-line data viewer.

When to use

A residential transaction when requiring either a contaminated land and flood risk assessment, or if you require comprehensive environmental due diligence.

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