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Groundsure All-in-One

Enviro All-in-One is a fully integrated residential environmental risk report, brought to you by Groundsure and the Coal Authority. It is the only available report to combine the official CON29M coal mining search with flood, contaminated Land, ground stability and radon searches.

It also screens other environmental risks such as energy installations, transportation infrastructure and planning applications.

Improvements include:

  • Flood risk assessment now includes new 5m groundwater data, in addition to all other flooding sources.
  • Uses Land Registry polygons – providing a higher level of accuracy
  • Improved format and workflow
  • Fewer pages (up to 70% less), reduced printing and postage costs
  • Includes only relevant data - no blank maps or excessive data
  • Clear and practical next steps and recommendations in plain English jargon free explanation, 70% fewer pages.

This all means that on average you/your clients will spend on average 10 minutes less on each report, keeping your transactions moving.

Key facts:

  • The relaunched Enviro All-in-One environmental search report is the only available report to combine a full CON29M Coal Mining with flood, contaminated land, ground stability, radon and screens other risks such as energy, transportation and planning and screens other risks such as energy, transportation and planning.
  • The Coal Authority coal mining element of the report answers all the approved Law Society’s coal mining questions when handing property transactions.
  • Included within the report you will find information on past, present and future coal mining, underground and opencast coal mining, coal mining subsidence, mine entries, mine gas , surface hazards, coal mining geology and information from the Cheshire Brine compensation board
  • An insurance policy is included in the Residential Enviro All-in-One covering £50,000 diminution in property value if there is a change in information. Insurance is covered by Liberty Legal Indemnities
  • A buffer zone of 20m is included within the report for recorded mine entries to satisfy what the Law Society, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Association of British Insurers deems an appropriate distance when evaluating risk.
  • The report is based on and limited to the records held the Coal Authority and the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Board’s records at the time we answer the search
  • The appropriate follow-on reports are recommended, based on the information returned in the initial search allowing you to make an informed decision
  • Residential reports are measured 0-15 hectares (on coalfield only)
  • Flood risk assessment now includes new 5m groundwater data, in addition to all other flooding sources
  • Enhanced transportation summary – provides detail on HS2 (route, safeguarding, stations & depots); Crossrail 1 (route, stations, worksites); Railways (active railways, stations)
  • Enhanced screening on planning applications
  • Enhanced visual and cultural designations – e.g. building conservation areas, listed buildings
  • Fewer pages with clearer information (up to 70% fewer pages when compared to other reports) means:
  • Time savings of, on average, 10 minutes per report with our research showing that some customers expect a saving of up to 30 minutes per report
  • Reduced printing and postage costs
  • Smaller file sizes Enviro All-in-One has a file size that is up to 50% smaller than other reports
  • Only the relevant data - no blank maps or pages, less words, more facts.
  • Enviro All-in-One has an intuitive layout, and design, clearer navigation, and colour coded risk ratings with a pass/next steps indicator on the first page of the report meaning:
  • Quick interpretation, you can get to the information you and your clients need faster
  • Risks are identified clearly and easily - enabling faster and smarter decisions
  • Land Registry polygons are used - improving the accuracy of site boundary. This boundary is overlaid onto MasterMap on the front page, the most detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive map data available in the UK
  • Easy to understand, with all text written in plain English and without jargon. This makes the report easier to read and the homebuyers themselves can understand the report. With clear recommendations and next steps outlined • Enhanced view on potential and planned energy installations and transport infrastructure
  • The environmental searches use Groundsure’s Historical Land Use Database – one of the most comprehensive resources available
  • The most accurate database for storage tanks, energy features and military installations
  • Groundsure pre & post-sales support from 30+ in-house qualified environmental professionals
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