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Canals & River Trust

Details of any works owned by the trust which may affect the property.

Whether any works owned by the Trust are laid over, under or through the property. 
Whether apart from statutory rights, the Trust have any other rights that may affect the property; or has any proposals to acquire or create new rights or to carry out any future works that may affect the property. 
Whether according to the Trust's records the boundaries of the property adjacent to the Trust's land are correctly shown on the attached plan. 
Whether any liability falls on the owner of the property or any part of it in respect of the maintenance or repair or rebuilding of the waterway or its banks or towing paths. 
The Trust will also inform you of any notices, licences or consents that have been served if they are revealed on its records. Where flooding is a matter of specific concern, enquiries should be made of the local authority and/or the Environment Agency as the appropriate land drainage and flood defence organisations.


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