Our Customer Purpose & Promise to you...

We are proud of the customer service we deliver and we'll always work hard to guarantee the highest levels of service and support.




Our Customer Purpose & Promise to you

We have an aim to become a leader in customer service, both within the sector and against other industries. If we are to achieve this ambition, we need to think about the customer throughout everything we do, whenever we do it.

To support this, the SafeMove team have been working with a consultancy firm, Motivating Loyalty, over the past 12 months to look at how we capture customer feedback & expectations so that we can support what you feel is important when you’re dealing with us.

These statements are the ‘Customers' Voice’ because it’s you that designed them! We took a vast amount of feedback and customer contact data over a period of time to find out what it is you really expect from us, and these were common themes that now make up our Customer Purpose & Promise to you.

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