Mapping Products

This service provides customers with plans showing Yorkshire Water’s public sewerage and water network.

Two colour plans are provided and these are available either by post, direct email or in DXF format for specialists within the industry.

Alternatively, you can view our records free of charge at our headquarters in Bradford. Please ring 0800 1 385 385 to book an appointment.

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Please note: A charge will still apply when no assets are shown.

Some areas of Yorkshire border with neighbouring water companies, e.g Severn Trent in the south and Northumbrian in the North. On occasions where either the water or sewerage catchment area is outside of Yorkshire, the same charge for our map will still apply. In these instances we will provide details of the water company you need to contact for them to provide the additional asset plan.

Yorkshire Water display public assets only.

Asset Record Search Plus

This product highlights public sewers and water mains around the property as well as including invert depth information. Please see below a sample of the product.

Sample Report


SiteSearch is ideal for developers or commercial property lawyers dealing with plots of land. The search reveals information similar to that provided within a pre planning enquiry to Yorkshire Water.

The search will include:

• Invert levels
• Assets plans of both the sewerage and water assets
• Build over consultations
• Any details of easements at the site
• Trade effluent information. SiteSearch is charged at £108 including VAT.

It can be ordered via the Safe-Move website via the mapping products page and will be returned electronically within 24 hours. Please see below a sample report.

Sample Report

Please note: Once a utility package has been ordered it cannot be cancelled.

Utility Packages

Through our professional relationship with Landmark, we can provide you with a complete utility package, making sure you have the required plans detailing the location of utility services. This information is critical for new development plans and feasibility, but also for site safety. The report provides underground service information relevant to your development site, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water suppliers, sewerage and fivre-optic cables.

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Please note: Once a utility package has been ordered it cannot be cancelled.