Safe-Move Search Guarantee

Safe-Move recognises the need to return search results in a speedy manner so that the conveyancing process is not delayed. We are proud of the work we have undertaken over the past few years to deliver industry leading response times for our residential drainage and water searches. To support this work we are now happy to offer a guarantee that simply states that you will have your search cost refunded if we do not return the search to you within two working days.

We obviously hope that claims against the guarantee are kept to a minimum but we accept from time to time it takes us longer than usual to return the search due to the unavailability of key information. We will continue to work to providing a full response as soon as we are able but we think it’s reasonable to accept that payment will be refunded if our usual high standards of response cannot be achieved.

As with all things there are some dreaded terms and conditions. These are not designed for us to wriggle out of the commitment we have made but are set down to be clear on what our offer covers and just as important what it doesn’t. Please take time to read them before making a claim.

 Terms and conditions

1. The response time guarantee Applies to Safe-Move’s residential drainage and water search (CON29DW) only. It does not apply to other water company searches resold by Safe-Move or any commercial drainage and water searches.
2. Drainage and water searches returned within 2 working days are excluded.
3. Working day excludes Saturdays, Sundays and statutory Bank Holidays.
4. The number of working days is counted from the first working day following receipt of the search by Safe-Move until it is completed and leaves us.
5. The search request receipt time and date and the delivery time and date are stamped on the search and it is these values which will be used to calculate the response time.
6. For clarity and by means of an example a search received by Safe-Move on Monday will not be eligible under the guarantee unless it is not returned until after 00.01 on Thursday morning.
7. The guarantee does not apply if the search has been requested to be returned with any other search
8. The guarantee is applicable to Safe-Move’s customers only and not to customers of resellers.
9. The commencement date and time does not start until any or all of the following is provided:
a. full postal address details including post code
b. plan of the property or site to be searched
c. current occupiers name
10. To be eligible for a claim a customer’s account must not have been in arrears over the past calendar months.
11. Customers wishing to claim must do so within 14 days of the search return date stamp by telephoning 0800 1 385 385 or emailing quoting the search reference number.
12. Eligible search refunds will be made within 14 days of the claim as follows:
a. PayPal customers – via PayPal refund
b. Pre paid customers – cheque
c. Account customers – issue of credit note or refund cheque
13. Safe-Move reserves the right to change these conditions and/or end the guarantee at anytime.
14. In the event of a dispute on eligibility the final decision will remain with Safe-Move.
15. The guarantee commences with residential drainage and water searches ordered from 2nd April 2012 onwards.