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GroundSure Screening is a low cost commercial environmental search report designed to assist solicitors in addressing their obligations under the Law Society Warning Card on Contaminated Land

The report is designed specifically for lower value commercial transactions, multi-site property portfolios and also for large estates and landholdings e.g. agricultural estates, country clubs, windfarms, etc. Every report is written and interpreted by a GroundSure Environmental Consultant utilising the very latest data and information maintained and updated by GroundSure.

Key elements of the GroundSure Screening report include:

  • The most robust and high quality GroundSure data.
  • Clear and concise tiered risk rankings including consideration of commercial implications.
  • Report provided under a single set of terms and conditions and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Less then 1 working day turnaround time.
  • £149 + VAT for sites up to 15 hectares (incremental pricing available thereafter).

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