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The commercial drainage and water report reveals vital information on the property/site you are considering purchasing. It uncovers issues and concerns which may arise further down the line.

The search answers questions which reveal information on connection status, location of public pipes, section 104 adoption agreements and many more.

Exclusive questions to the commercial search only include trade effluent agreements which will give details on whether there is one at the site. A copy of the agreement will also be included within the search, and any conditions attached to the agreement will be stated in here.

Water hardness information is also included in the commercial search giving details on the hardness of the water in your area.

The 10 water companies of England and Wales gave a commitment to provide a standard solution for Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiries following customer feedback. This means no matter which water company you get your enquiry from the questions and answers given within the search are standard across all water companies. Safe-move launched its standardised search back in April 2010.

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