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An accurate and comprehensive flood risk assessment for commercial properties is essential to ensure that you and your clients avoid not only the potential cost of flooding – but the inconvenience and loss of business during the lengthy clean-up process.

You can be assured that Sitecheck Flood includes the most comprehensive and trusted data to provide a clear and thorough assessment. As well as being backed up by an independent professional opinion, Sitecheck Flood includes exclusive RMS data which highlights the risk of surface water flooding – the main cause of the summer 2007 floods. Additionally, the report will show up to 5 separate flood maps, showing the full detail of each dataset to support the conclusions of the professional opinion.

Sitecheck flood includes:

  • Surface Water (pluvial) and 75 year return period data - Exclusive, ground-breaking data on surface water run-off (pluvial) flooding. According to the Pitt Review, 50% of the 2007 floods occurred away from Environment Agency (EA) floodplains, with 60-70% due to pluvial flooding.
  • Independent professional opinion- Sitecheck Flood is the first commercial flood report available that includes an independent professional opinion of risk from a dedicated team of expert consultants at RPS, one of the largest providers of bespoke Flood Risk Assessments in the UK.
  • Norwich Union Flood Risk and Insurability - Indicates the likelihood that one of Britain’s leading insurers would insure the property. The data also gives a site-specific assessment of river and coastal flood risk.
  • Unique Insurance Claims Data - Claims numbers are a strong indicator of flood risk. Our report indicates the volume of verified flood insurance claims made in the postcode sector of the property.
  • British Geological Survey (BGS) Susceptibility to Groundwater Flooding - A commercial site does not need to be near a river or the sea to be flooded. This valuable data identifies where groundwater flooding could potentially occur.
  • BGS Geological Indicators - Past flooding gives a strong clue to where flooding may occur in the future. BGS identifies geological deposits associated with flooding to show where potential future flooding could occur.
  • Official Environment Agency Data - The report also includes key flood data from the government sanctioned source.
  • Clear Assessment - Colour coded assessment on the introduction page shows you whether any issues are present at a glance.

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