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Sitecheck Assess identifies potentially contaminative sites within 500m of the site boundary, using high quality accurate data from reliable sources. It includes a large scale OS location map and a neighbourhood context map, together with detailed information examining current and historical land use and sensitivity.

A useful contacts section is provided to assist with subsequent enquiries.

Sitcheck assess includes:

  • Professional Opinion from Wilbourn Associates.
  • Location Map - Confirms the site boundary and indicates the area covered by the report.
  • Aerial Photograph - Highlights the site and gives an overall view of the area.
  • Summary of Site - Comprises source, pathway and receptor information relating to the site.
  • Summary - Summary table of information found on the site and in its vicinity.
  • Current Land Use - Map and description of potentially contaminative current land uses.
  • Historical Land Use - Map and description of potentially contaminative historical land uses.
  • Sensitivity - Pathway and receptors map and details and flood map.
  • Other Factors - Information on other factors which may affect the site.
  • Useful Contacts - Addresses and contact telephone numbers of the main agencies who supplied the data in the report.

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