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Terrafirma Coal

TerraSearch Coal is a Regulated “CON29M-Compliant” mining and ground risk report designed to inform and protect all parties within a property transaction. It uses enhanced data unavailable to the Coal Authority along with enhanced liability protection and expert interpretation to accurately quantify the risk to a property from nearby mine entries, hazards, shallow mining and subsidence claims, as well as all past, present and planned coal and brine extraction.

TerraSearch Coal Report includes all licensed Coal Authority data and a built-in loss of value
insurance policy that answers the official CON29M questions to satisfy Law Society and
Lender compliance.
A professional opinion is also provided, protected by Terms and Conditions that include a £10
million Professional Indemnity Policy, ensuring the client is better covered from incorrect or
missing information.
Mine entries and underground voids associated with historical coal mining often extend long
distances underground beneath residential and commercial sites (property and land). In the
event they collapse or subsidence occurs, they can result in substantial damage and loss of
value to buildings in close proximity. TerraSearch Coal satisfies and enhances Lender and Law
Society due diligence, providing the ideal solution to those parts of the country where mining
exists and lenders require an enhanced level of interpretation and a protected professional
opinion, before deciding whether to lend.


£36.60 inc. vat

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