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SafeMove provide the complete range of nationwide searches that you may need as part of the residential conveyancing process.

FCI Premium Plus CON29M

The complete Environmental and CON29M due diligence report for conveyancers, with unique inclusive AA- rated insurance protection for ultimate peace of mind.

Reported Risks: Environmental + Flood + Ground Stability + Energy & Infrastructure + Official CON29M

Premium Plus CON29M combines assessment of the core Environmental risks with an Official CON29M Coal Mining report and Triple-Tier Insurance Protection. Providing peace of mind for conveyancers with a combination of expert risk interpretation and unparalleled protection for homebuyers, vendors and lenders, as standard.

  • <15 Ha
  • All 11 official CON29M enquiries
  • Mine Entry Interpretative Report
  • Development Considerations
  • Coal Search Insurance
  • Non-Coal Minerals Search Insurance
  • Cheshire Brine Screen
  • Cheshire Brine Insurance

Key Features:

  • Official CON29M: Licensed by the Law Society to include all 11 Official CON29M Coal Search questions, presented with a clear front page summary for easy reference.
  • Unique, Inclusive Triple-Tier Insurance Protection, from Great Lakes SE:
  • Market-leading Coal Search Insurance: All the protection you’d expect from £100k Coal Search Insurance, with the addition of unique features such as cover for loss-of-value caused by historic mining features which were not recorded in the Coal Authority data at the time of reporting but are later revealed in any subsequent CON29M search.
  • Non-Coal Minerals Search Insurance: The only Search to provide protection in relation to thousands of non-coal mining features recorded in the Coal Authority data which may not qualify for assistance under the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991, should they be the cause of subsidence damage to the property.
  • Cheshire Brine Screen, with Integrated Insurance: A screen in every report, with insurance included automatically for any property within the Cheshire Brine Compensation District, avoiding the need for costly additional searches.
  • Mine Entry Interpretive Report (MEIR): A comprehensive assessment included as standard, with no need for an additional search. We go beyond the minimum requirements of the Law Society guidance and consider all mine entries where the calculated zone of influence encroaches on the property boundary, not just those within a set 20m radius.
  • Development Considerations: Identifies if the property is within a Development High Risk Area, where redevelopment ambitions may require specialist advice.
  • Full Flood reporting: Flood thumbnails detail each type of flood risk and JBA’s Floodability score provides an overall rating for the property and its insurability.
  • Air Quality rating: From EarthSense, the UK’s leading air quality experts.
  • Free Remediation Warranty: Providing protection for 6 years, up to £100,000 on passed residential environmental reports.
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