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Terrafirma Search Alerts

From 5th April 2021, making an informed choice about the products you order through your SafeMove account will be made that bit easier, as we add Terrafirma's search alerts to our ordering platform.

Designed to compliment our existing Search Alerts feature, Terrafirma's search alerts are a simple query-based screening service to notify you if a property or site is in an area of known mining and/or natural ground hazards.

Why should you screen for mining and natural ground hazards?

Across England and Wales over 55 different minerals and resources have been mined, and naturally occurring ground hazards like subsidence, landslides and dissolution, (among others) can significantly affect property stability, security and property value.

Who uses Terrafirma’s Search Alerts?

The Search Alerts have been developed by Terrafirma’s multidisciplinary team of geologists, soil scientists and mining engineers, and is trusted by conveyancers across England and Wales as a quick, clear and reliable tool for screening property transactions for all major ground hazards.

How do Terrafirma’s Search Alerts benefit you?

Terrafirma's Search Alerts notify the conveyancer of the hazards specific to a property during the search ordering process on the SafeMove website. So rather than needing expert knowledge of which ground hazards occur in which local areas, conveyancers can instead rely on Terrafirma’s expertise and trusted service through search alerts. In short, Terrafirma's Search Alerts support property professionals by allowing them to make informed decisions and improved management of ground risks when ordering their searches through the SafeMove website.

How can I access Terrafirma’s Search Alerts?

Terrafirma's Search Alerts will from the 5th April, be available through SafeMove’s Ordering Platform and are a crucial first step to understanding what may lie beneath the surface to manage property professionals’ exposure to ground risks. Once a search address has been entered, Terrafirma's search alerts will appear alongside our existing product search alerts at the stage where product choice needs to be made.


Terrafirma’s Search Alerts screen for all major ground hazards

  • Coal Hazards – Coking Coal, Bideford Black, Lignite and Shale.
  • Mineral Hazards – Evaporites (e.g. brine), Metalliferous (e.g. tin and copper), Rare Minerals (e.g China clay) and Stone (e.g. limestone).
  • Ground Hazards – Running Sands, Compressed Ground, Collapsible Deposits, Shrink Swell, Soluble Rocks, Landslides and Coastal Hazards.

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