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Reduce Your Local Authority Queries with this Top Tip

Completing Box C Information when Ordering Official Local Authority Searches

Some of the delays we encounter with Official Local Authority searches are due to queries that the councils raise regarding incorrect, missing or misdescribed Box C information on the order.

To help ensure Official Local Authority searches ordered through our website are accepted first time by the councils without query or delay; the following tips may help.

  1. When using our online mapping tool, use the ‘Select Road’ and/or ‘Draw Road’ buttons to highlight in Blue the highways, paths or land that you want searching. Make sure the ‘Trace Mapping’ box is ticked to ensure your elastic lines snap to the boundary edges.
  2. If you prefer to use your own plan, upload this instead making sure the highways and byways you want including in the search, are highlighted either with hatching or a solid colour block.
  3. Move on to the next stage by clicking the ‘Review Order’ button at the bottom of the page where you will be asked for your Local Authority search Box C information.
  4. Details of any roadways, footways or footpaths which abut directly or give access to (or means of escape) from the property, but which are not included in the main property address may be placed in the ‘Con29BoxC’ field. Up to 3 roads may be included.

    It’s important to note that Roads must be named or, where a road has no name or is known by a variety of local names, these should be clearly marked in colour/hatched on the plan submitted. The terms “all roads abutting” or “all roads in the vicinity” are invalid for the purposes of identification and may be queried by the Local Authority which results in a delay.
  5. Within the ‘Comments’ field, only enter information that may be useful to SafeMove when processing your order. Text entered here will not automatically be sent to the Local Authority, so please don’t enter Box C information in this field.


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