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GDPR - We know you love reading about it!

Here at SafeMove we don't collect much personal data about you and certainly nothing 'sensitive' but if you have a desire to read our new Privacy Notice then you'll find it at the bottom of the page by clicking on Privacy, enjoy :) 

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Today’s Conveyancer

Why Choose Another Search Provider When You Can Have The Best In The UK? Read our latest article in Today’s Conveyancer

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Groundsure’s Homebuyers Plus report is a new residential environmental risk report, an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report which will keep your transaction moving faster.

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Cheshire Brine/Salt Search Data

Cheshire Brine data is no longer included in the Coal Authority Search (CON29M).

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Bundle 2 Change

We are making some changes to one of the search bundles we have on our website. The bundle we are changing is bundle 2 which consists of the CON29DW Drainage and Water Search, Official Local Authority search and the Groundsure Homebuyers s…

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Customers join us at our business Plan

We held our end of your business plan in March and as a part of this day we had the pleasure to be in the presence of some of our customers, namely, Ridley & Hall and Eaton’s. Our customers had the opportunity to meet the team and play apar…

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