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FCI Upgraded Commercial Reports Now Available


FCI Upgraded Commercial Reports Now Available


Future Climate Info have upgraded their range of commercial search reports. They now give commercial land and property buyers even easier to digest assessment of the flood risk, infrastructure and subsidence issues that could affect the land value or development potential of a commercial transaction.


Their two new reports may be summarised as follows:


Retail/High Street Premises

The FCI Retail Report provides business owners with a summary of any potential environmental risks that could interrupt business continuity or affect trading. A simple, best value screener that is most suitable for more straightforward transactions with retail and high street office premises.

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Priced at: £90 inc vat Order Now


Commercial/Industrial Property & Brownfield Development Land

Investing in or relocating to new commercial premises is a big financial commitment. Understanding the potential environmental risks in the locality, including local community receptors, infrastructure and air quality impacts which are vital considerations for business managers. The FCI Commercial Report delivers a comprehensive analysis that provides clarity in choosing the optimal location.

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View Sample Report

Priced at:

<15Ha £198.00 inc vat

15-50Ha £330.00 inc vat

50-150Ha £450.00 inc vat  Order Now

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