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FCI - Premium Plus CON29M

Future Climate Info and Terrafirma have created a unique partnership for the definitive combined Environmental and Coal Mining due diligence report for conveyancers.

The new desktop search, available now from SafeMove, delivers the essential data your clients need to understand environmental risk above and below the ground that could affect the transaction.

Key features:

  • Official Terrafirma CON29M
  • Past and current Contaminated land
  • Air quality
  • Flood risk from all sources
  • Energy and infrastructure sites and projects
  • Natural ground stability risk
  • Coal and non-coal mining, including Brine

Benefits of the Premium Plus CON29M:

  • Unique datasets on air quality and subsidence risk
  • Professional opinion and risk assessments with clear report outcomes.
  • Free remediation insurance: Passed residential environmental reports come with protection for 6 years, up to £100,000. Can be relied upon by all parties in the transaction.
  • Free Further Action review, upon evidence of remediation, within 24 working hours.
  • Loss of value cover: £50,000 in the event of a change to Coal Authority data
  • Terrafirma’s expert geo-hazard advice on coal mining areas from a panel of recognised industry professionals.
  • Inclusive Cheshire Brine Indemnity Cover: £50,000 towards a subsidence claim for the lifetime of ownership when the property is within the Cheshire Brine Compensation District
  • Access to affordable next step solutions to keep the transaction moving forward


FCI - Premium Plus CON29M

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