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Contacting Yorkshire Water - Warning on connection call charges

Don't pay over the odds to contact Yorkshire Water - Request a free Call back, Live chat or ring the local rate 0345 phone number

Yorkshire Water is making customers aware that a number of call connection services on the internet can charge connection fees and premium rates to get in touch with their customer contact centre that are completely avoidable.

Yorkshire Water’s official telephone number is a local rate 0345 number, but some of their customers use call connection services and are being charged £6 just to be connected.

ALWAYS CHECK: Don't get caught out by online call connection companies who charge to put you through to contact centres. Make sure you check the costs associated with using the links and numbers before clicking on them.

Yorkshire Water's official telephone number is a local rate 0345 number - you can also contact Yorkshire Water for free by using their live chat and their new FREE callback service among other methods.

Contact details for Yorkshire Water

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