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CON29DW Price

Please note that due to an anomaly with the pricing of our CON29DW drainage and water report, currently priced at £52.00 incl vat before any online discounts are applied, some customers are experiencing VAT discrepancies in their accounts which is proving to be problematic during their account reconciliation procedures.

To overcome this anomaly and to prevent further discrepancies, from Monday 8th July 2019, SafeMove are reducing the price of their CON29DW drainage and water report for all customers to £43.30 + £8.66 vat giving a gross price of £51.96 for the report from Monday 8th July.

Customers using our online mapping tool when ordering through our website, will continue to benefit from a £2.40 (incl vat) discount on this price.

Should you require further information on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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