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Changes to LLC1 and CON29 Search Returns

The Infrastructure Act 2015 transferred responsibility of 336 local land charges registers from the local authority to HM Land Registry, with the first transfer taking place in 2018.

The last couple of years have seen an additional 17 local authorities transfer and the HMLR programme is gathering pace.

Local Authorities in Yorkshire

This autumn will start to see local authorities in the Yorkshire region transfer their registers and as a consequence, this will mean some changes in how your local search results are returned.

The benefits to the LLC1 being returned from HM Land Registry are a standardised format, a standard price and the results being returned within minutes. The CON29 element of the local search will be still be completed by the local authority and returned separately.

More details on the programme and the local authorities who have already switched can be found here on the UK Government's website here.

As we learn of the names and dates of each Local Authority being transferred within the Yorkshire Water region, customers will be advised accordingly.

In the meantime, please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

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