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Terrafirma Ground Report

The Ground Report is the original ground risk report that provides your clients with the professional opinion of Terrafirma’s geologists, scientists and mining engineers on the impact of mining and natural ground stability on property and land transactions.

Terrafirma's Ground Report is the only report available to interpret the risk from coal and all other mining, soil-related subsidence and all other natural ground hazards, coastal hazards and recorded ground movement.

Coal Mining

  • Integrated CON29M and Mine Entry Interpretive Report when a mine entry is identified within 20 metres

All Other Mining

  • Expert assessment of whether local mining history affects the site
  • In Cornwall, the Ground Report integrates a Law Society recommended Cornwall Consultants Tin Mining Search
  • Including, but not limited to chalk, limestone, bathstone, iron, clay, gypsum and brine extraction

Clay Subsidence

  • An advanced site-specific assessment of clay subsidence designed by Dr Tim Farewell, one of the UK’s leading soil scientists
  • Assesses the risk at point of transaction, while also considering the impact of climate change

Natural Ground Perils

    • Including collapsible deposits, running sands, soluble rock, slope movement, compressible ground and natural cavities

Coastal Hazards

  • The only report available to include expert, property-specific risk assessment of coastal hazards
  • Answers key questions on the risk to property from coastal erosion, flooding and sea-level rise
  • Considers sea defences, Environment Agency’s Shoreline Management Plan and impact of climate change

Radon, Oil & Gas Activity and Mineral Planning

  • Identifies important ground information relating to use and enjoyment of the site
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